The Intro: How to Start YOUR Vending Business | Course

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If there is one thing 2020 taught us, it’s this:

Multiple streams of income aren't a luxury → they're a NECESSITY!

▪️Do you want to increase your monthly income?

▪️Are you looking for a low maintenance, passive income stream?

▪️Do you want to ACTUALLY make money while you sleep?

This ebook 📚will introduce you to a passive income stream that will bring you money daily. It will give you all of the information and techniques that lead my business to over $3000 in sales/mo. After reading this ebook, you too will be able to add that extra income stream that will change your life. 

You will get everything I wish I knew when I started. All of my personal experiences in the business will be detailed and analyzed - the wins and the losses. Giving you the information you need to start out far ahead of the crowd! 💡

This ebook is great for any level of entrepreneur. The chapters are simply written, yet very practical and effective.

The Intro: How to Start YOUR Vending Business will teach you everything you need to know to run an efficient and lucrative vending business. 

Sections Include:

📌 Breakdown of the Vending Machine Industry

📌 How to Brand your Business

📌 How to Secure GREAT Locations

📌 How to Purchase Vending Routes

📌 How to Analyze Deals to make sure they are profitable

📌 Where to buy Vending Machines & Credit Card Readers

📌 Where to Buy Product (Snacks and Drinks)

📌 Tips and Tricks to to Improve your Locations

>>>>>>>>>>>>> BONUS <<<<<<<<<<<<

You will also receive vending machine documents you will need to run your business:

🔑 Vending Business Summary Binder

🔑 Vending Location Contract

🔑 Vending Location Guide/Checklist

🔑 List of 35 Questions to Ask When Buying Vending Machines & Vending Routes

🔑 20+ Websites to Buy Vending Machines

Course Testimonials! ⭐️

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Downloadable 15-page eBook AND Vending Business documents that you will need to get started!


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The Intro: How to Start YOUR Vending Business | Course

478 ratings
I want this!